Sunday, April 03, 2011


(Though it started snowing, again this evening...) it is spring, and the boys tilled the garden this afternoon so we went out and got the materials to get our garden ready.

We picked up a bag of seed start soil.

Here are the herbs we use the most!

Those baby cumbers are great on there own, or sliced in a glass of water ;)
The hot pepper is for my Mother-in-law <3
And Rahne picked out the sunflowers, these are supposed to have lots of seeds, yum!

Two kinds of tomatoes, a small breed for sandwiches and cooking,
and cherries for snacking and salads!
We also picked up some peat moss pots, that go right into the ground
when the seedlings have sprouted!

Now, we just have to wait for the winter deja vu to end!  Once the sprouts to have at least two sets of leaves we'll start our fifth garden!  We have great luck with ours and I really encourage you to start one, too. Even if it's in pots.  A friend of mine's Mom doesn't have good sun in the backyard, so she sets up at least 10 big terracotta pots in her driveway! She grows all her favourites!

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