Sunday, July 03, 2011

Make it Vegan

When I started following the vegan diet, I started by substituting the meat and dairy I was eating for soy based alternatives. However, all the soy alternatives made me very tired and bloated. The lack of meat caused some withdrawal feelings, I was irritable and had a hard time concentrating. Since I've switched to the vegan diet my skin has never been so clear. [I have had acne since I was 12, but now I just get a cluster of pimples now and then, I still have slight rosacea, however.]

I thought I was eating really well, but didn't know why I was feeling so awful. So I talked to a very good friend whom is a nutritional therapist. She told me I was eating too many soy based alternatives, which are processed foods which are hard on the body. Her suggestion was to eat more whole foods, nuts and beans. She was right, and now I am trying new recipes. I've never felt so healthy and I know it's because of the way I'm eating.

BUT I still get cravings for some old favorites, such as the lasagna and shepherd's pie I've shared with you. Another food I get nostalgic for sometimes is deep dish pizza!

Pizza Hut Vegetarian Pizza, without cheese!